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[Craft Show] Perhaps even more than quality woodworking and sturdy all-wood construction, False Bottom Productions is about the creativity of our customers.

We work with your ideas to develop a custom piece of furniture that cleverly locates a "just the right size" hiding place where it will best serve your needs. The result is a truly unique keepsake you can be proud to pass along through the generations — and proud to say that you played a role in its creation.

"A little place with a big sense of professionalism and fair play" pretty well describes us. We aren't a factory — we're individual craftsmen located throughout the country. Our only "store" is on the internet, although we do occasionally (time permitting) exhibit at juried craft shows (see photo at left).

We make a limited number of pieces each year so we can put extraordinary care into each one. Many of our customers become repeat customers. We try our best to answer email in a timely manner and to be very responsive to customer needs.

First Place Winner Craftsman captures FIRST PLACE

A giant wooden pencil named "The Late Great No. 2" has been awarded first prize at a regional art show. It was created by David L. Murphy who is a designer and master craftsman for False Bottom Productions and we're proud to have him on our staff. Mr. Murphy's huge yellow pencil is currently on tour.

Cherry Mission Bookcase His original designs for False Bottom Productions include this (to the immediate right) hand made mission-style enclosed bookcase crafted of genuine cherry.

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