2-piece chimney cupboard Chimney Cupboard Hutch with door open
to show wainscotting

Chimney Cupboards
The two-piece chimney cupboard consists of a single bottom cupboard and hutch top. Both the hutch and bottom cupboards have wainscotting inside and both have a moveable shelf. Typically, a hidden compartment is located in the bottom cupboard.

Single Cupboards
Order a single free-standing cupboard in the standard size -- or visit our Custom page and we'll build exactly what you need to fit your space: short or tall, narrow or wide, with a left hand or right hand opening door, and with the number of shelves you need. In pine, clear pine, oak or wood of your choice; standard or contemporary styling or designed to coordinate with your existing furniture.

Single Bottom Cupboard
On the right: a single cupboard made of pine and finished in walnut stain. Below: a night stand made of oak and finished in natural wood color.

oak night stand

Locking Cabinet

unfinished single cupboard The single pine cupboard pictured here in the little photo to the left is unfinished and waiting for you to add your own special treatment or specify your desired finish of natural or your choice of stain color. It has a concealed compartment, of course.

Special Touches
Need a concealed locking cover for the hidden compartment, a second hidden compartment or other special touches? Just ask.

Check out fire safe pouches sized to fit our hidden compartments

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