Fire Safe Pouches for Hidden Compartment Furniture hand crafted by False Bottom Productions

Sized to fit False Bottom Productions Hidden Compartments

The mirror-like surface of these exceptional pouches is extremely efficient, reflecting off up to 95% of the infrared heat present in a typical residential fire. In fact, the very same proprietary fabric is used to make the fireproof rescue bags many firefighters use. Designed for False Bottom Productions furniture customers, the closure runs the full length of the pouch for easy access and secure closability.

Made in the United States by Industrial Energy Products, Inc., a highly reputable manufacturer of fire safety equipment, these pouches are constructed of IEP's own trademarked "Hot-Stop" fabric that withstands temperatures as high as 1200 degrees fahrenheit and has a 2080 degree fahrenheit melting point
(typically, a normal building fire "vents" itself at 1200 degrees and once the fire in an involved room has vented, it will burn at only about 600 degrees).

IEP recommends that you store your closed (just flip the flap over and press down on the easy Velcro® closure) fire safe pouch flap-side down and near the floor of your room, so your hidden compartment bookcase or bottom cupboard is an excellent place to keep it. Each pouch made for False Bottom Productions is lined with a special self-extinguishing vinyl coated polyester.

28" x 9" bookcase pouch
WATCH the Industrial Energy Products FIRE TEST VIDEO.

The pouch fabric has been tested by the manufacturer and found to meet the following standards: NFPA 1976 Proximity Fire fighters Outer Shell Requirement -- NFPA 701m /Flame Resistant Textiles, Films -- European Standard (EN) for Protective Clothing -- MIL-C-87076A -- MIL-C-24929A -- ASTM F955-85. Each pouch comes with a full replacement warranty from the manufacturer for defects in quality and workmanship. Please NOTE: While IEP fire safe pouches have performed remarkably well in tests and actual fires, no pouch can be guaranteed to provide 100% fire safety in all situations. This is because fire duration and intensity, especially when there is an explosion involved, cannot be predicted.


Custom-Sized 14" x 9.5" Pouch (fits Bottom Cupboard Hidden Compartment): $150
Custom-Sized 28" x 9" Pouch (fits Bookcase Hidden Compartment): $170

2 Ways to Order

1) To add a pouch to your furniture order, call us at (386) 236-8104 or email us at:

2) Mail your check or money order for $150 plus $10 shipping/handling (Cupboard Pouch) or $170 plus $10 shipping/handling (Bookcase Pouch) to:

False Bottom Productions, LLC
226 N. Nova Road #308
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

False Bottom Productions is an authorized distributor for IEP pouches.

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