Hidden Compartment Furniture hand crafted by False Bottom Productions

Designed for home security as well as lasting beauty, all False Bottom Productions keepsake furniture is built to last for generations. Each no-two-exactly-alike piece is handcrafted of solid wood (no particle board or veneers are used) and has a HIDDEN COMPARTMENT for the safe keeping of valuables.

Contemporary style Hidden Compartment Bookcase 2-piece Chimney CupboardBottom Cupboard Bookcases,
Chimney Cupboards,
Night Stands,
Single Cupboards,
Coffee Tables,
Trunks, and
Custom Designs
--all with secret hiding places

"Made by hand one at a time..." in the USA

About our furniture: Representative of the solid appeal of all our furniture, the 2-piece Chimney Cupboard (hutch and bottom cupboard) stands 6-1/2 feet tall. Crafted of solid pine, each hand-crafted piece is detailed with authentic wainscotting, equipped with adjustable shelves and fitted with solid brass shelf pegs and hinges. Choose a light "natural" finish, a honey finish, a walnut finish, a different finish, or even "unfinished."

Our standard bookcases have a hidden compartment with internal dimensions that measure approximately two and one half inches tall by ten inches from back to front by thirty inches across. Our cupboards have a concealed compartment that is two inches tall by eleven inches from back to front by eighteen inches across, but you may custom order a bookcase or cupboard --or custom piece of furniture-- with a hiding place sized to meet your particular needs that is located in any one of a number of different places.

Hidden Compartment
About the "Hiding in Plain Sight" concept: Field tests have shown that the way our hidden compartments are positioned, they are surprisingly difficult to find. People tug at the molding, pull at the top and look for unsealed seams, all to no avail. Research tells us that the same burglar who is tempted by a lock will ignore what appears to be ordinary.

Contemporary style bookcase Small oak chest
By now you've probably noticed that the photographs on this site do not show you how the various hidden compartments are accessed (although you'll receive complete instructions when you purchase furniture from False Bottom Productions). The majority of our business is made up of "custom" orders and we protect the privacy of our customers. All of our secret compartments are well concealed and accessed through amazingly simple manual operation.

Still curious? Click on the links at the top or bottom of this page to explore the hidden world of False Bottom Productions and come up with ideas for your own "custom" hiding place.

FIRE SAFE POUCHES! We're very proud to be able to offer you an optional fire safe pouch from a leading U.S. manufacturer of fire safety equipment. They're sized especially for False Bottom Productions to fit inside our standard size hidden compartments. See them HERE.

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